Virtual Reality could be the Best Visual Interface for Drones


As you may know, there will be a rapid utilization of drones for commercial purposes (products delivery, inspections, other commercial services, etc.) in the next 2-3 years.

In order to provide services in different areas drones will require either completely autonomous navigation or manual co-piloting, meaning human labor.

For the last 3 months we have been experimenting in our lab with more natural interfaces for the manual drone control. We expect that they can minimise the risk of crashing and increase the accuracy of co-piloting due to clarity and intuitive interface, which will be based on our navigational system and SLAM SDK.

One of the most interesting and intuitive interface ideas is to use virtual reality headset together with the gesture recognition sensor(like Leap Motion etc):


View in a VR headset:


Control of the flight motion of the drone:


Adjustment of the height and the direction of motion:



The development of intuitive interfaces is extremely critical for the industry of commercial services rendered by drones since it can significantly cut the service cost and get rid of licensing of pilots.

In the next posts, I will tell you about other interesting ongoing developments of our company!

Vitaliy Goncharuk
CEO of Augmented Pixels

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