Significant Changes in Augmented Pixels: Drones and Robots

Dear friends,

For the last 2 years our R&D team with a huge experience in automotive has been working in stealth mode on a computer vision system (SLAM and sensor fusion) for drones and robots.

We have got great results. Check out the video below:

Therefore, we have decided to concentrate our main efforts on the development of navigational systems for drones and robots (for this we have attracted seed investment from the Hive in March 2015).

I feel special joy informing you about our changes because the creation of car and aircraft models (control line) used to be my childhood hobby.

We observe serious problems in the industry, which our team is able to solve (drone crashes indoors, precise product delivery by drones, house inspections, etc.)

May the Force be with us!

For our AR / VR developments in Real Estate and Retail we created a separate department, which will continue to provide services and continue reinforcing our leadership in these fields.

Thank you for your attention!

We are open to new ideas and suggestions!

Best regards,

Vit Goncharuk
CEO & Founder of Augmented Pixels

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