News: Reducing Drone Crashes with Augmented Reality

A year ago, the Augmented Pixels team started playing with drones and quickly realized that it was very difficult for an ordinary person to manage drones in narrow spaces:

We wondered, could augmented reality help this situation?

The answer? Yes. By using SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and additional sensors, we can simplify drone navigation to simply, “point and fly.”


With our platform, users no longer have to use levers or delve into the physics of flight. Moreover, it is possible to program the drone to automatically fly around the premises and land by itself along with some other features:

Video showing our solution

This technology has great prospects for the industry of drones as they have a wide range of uses and can significantly reduce accident rates by minimizing the “human factor.” Such uses include: inspecting the premise for security, creating 360 tours, etc.

Right now we are actively working on the release of the platform and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Best regards,
Vit Goncharuk
CEO of Augmented Pixels

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