MIPIM – speaking about usage of augmented and virtual reality in real estate sales and interior design

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2 days ago I returned back from #1 exhibition in the world of real estate MIPIM where I was invited as a speaker. The topic of my speech was “Interactive channels for real estate sales with 3D, augmented and virtual reality experiences”.

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mipim real estate

I would like to share some thoughts and ideas about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) after talking with the representatives of the leading real estate and brokerage firms:

1. Positive experience from applying Virtual Reality and 360 degree panoramas experience those companies, which integrate our solutions directly into their sales channel and which actively offer their customers to use them.

At the same time, tons of 360 degree panoramas may just stay without any attention on the website because users consider 2D images to be clearer and easier to understand.

2.Only those companies that have a muti-purpose mobile applications with augmented reality as one of the components, speak positively about the use of AR to provide consumers with more information within the off-line campaigns (augmentation of advertising in newspapers).

Companies that create a simple application with only AR, but without beautiful graphics and full content mostly face a lack of understanding among consumer.

3. Many companies are willing to invest in customer education on how to use virtual and augmented reality technologies as it adds virality to their marketing and allows them to increase customer involvement with a product.

I also would like to mention a huge interest among interior designers and architects in opportunities which new devices for scanning the space around (e.g.as Google Tango) provide.

You can view my presentation below:




CEO, Founder of Augmented Pixels

Vitaliy Goncharuk

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