Markerless Drone Delivery Is Indeed Possible

Great news ahead!

Amazon has just unveiled a completely new Prime Air ad that outlines how newly improved drones will deliver orders. The ad suggests that the company plans to deliver packages into a client’s yards in 30 minutes from order time. Cool stuff, isn’t it?

But don’t forget to place a marker outside in your yard! It seems that one of the limitations of this demo is that it still requires a marker for the drone to accurately land. Otherwise, you might get some other surprises with your order, like a drone on your roof or through your window.

amazone marekr

Markers are so 2000. Shouldn’t drones be able to find your house and deliver a package without the hassle of creating a landing zone? What if we told you this is possible. Today.

Augmented Pixels has created a navigation platform that would allow a drone to autonomously fly and land/ deliver a package within an inch of accuracy. Choose your final destination and the drone will be able to get there without a marker, without colliding with other objects, and within an inch.

This solution should be more useful, unless of course, you want to surprise a neighbor with your package and a drone through their house.

Follow our progress with a navigational SDK not to miss a release date.

Sincerely yours,

Vit Goncharuk

CEO and Founder of Augmented Pixels

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