Augmented Pixels News: Cooperation with ARM, NASA, and Autonomous Navigation Panel



While my team is working hard to release SLAM SDK for Drones, Robots and VR/AR Glasses this month we decided to have some fun, that’s why we created a short demo with our SLAM on iPhone 6 to show the future of “Pokemon Go” style games.

As you may see our SLAM does not require any markers etc., so it is possible to create TRULY Augmented Reality games on its base, instead of location-based games like Pokemon Go.

I think that some other news could be also interesting:

1. Partnership with ARM
ARM asked Augmented Pixels to become its demo-partner and demonstrate our SLAM technology at ARM booth during ARM Tech Conference in Santa Clara. You can watch a video where I am talking about our SLAM SDK for Drones, Robots, and AR/VR Glasses.

2. Deconstructing Autonomous Navigation
Two weeks ago I participated as a speaker in a panel discussion organized by ABB and The Hive together with 3 other panelists: Hiroshi Saijou (CEO and Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Ventures), Gabe Sibley (Chief Science Officer, Zoox), and Nima Keivan (CTO, Canvas Technologies). You can find more by watching the video recording from the event below:

3. NASA Space Race
On November 1, the NASA SPACE RACE startup challenge announced 15 winning teams. The aim of the challenge was to choose the brightest entrepreneurs within the industries of robotics, aeronautics, and energy and to assist them in forming new companies to commercialize NASA technology.

It was my pleasure to be invited as a mentor and a judge to this NASA Space Race Challenge. Details –

Vitaliy Goncharuk
CEO of Augmented Pixels