Augmented Pixels releases App for National Geographic, starting Era of 4D Puzzles

4DCityscape National Geographic Ancient CivilizationsAugmented Pixels has released an app for National Geographic and 4D Cityscape called 4DCityscape National Geographic Ancient Civilizations that will change the way people are interacting with puzzles forever. The app reinvents “old school” jigsaw puzzles by adding some Augmented reality technology features to enhance educational and gaming experience.

The 4D National Geographic App allows you to engage with the world’s first multi-layer jigsaw puzzle through augmented reality technology.

The app has the following features:

– interesting facts about each main structure of the jigsaw puzzle;

– collection of beautiful relevant images for each structure;

– fast and responsive interface;

– trivia questions to test the knowledge of the topic;

– the best user experience coming from augmented reality features.

The application has been nominated for a prestigious Auggie awards in the nomination “Best Toy of the Year”.

4d puzzle national geographic

Choose your puzzle from the list

4d puzzle national geographic augmented pixels

Point your device at the puzzle

augmented reality 4d puzzle

Read educational information about different structures on the puzzle

quizes 4d puzzles augmented reality AR

Challenge your knowledge of the topic with quizzes

Official sells of the puzzle will start in the middle of summer in the most of cities in the USA and worldwide.

For all the questions regarding the distribution, please, contact 4d CityScape directly.

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