Augmented Pixels News: SLAM, Inside-Out Tracking, 3D Mapping


I am happy to share some news about our work in Augmented Pixels

1. Inside-out Tracking and Autonomous Navigation

We released two prototypes: one is an inside-out tracking module for stereo cameras, another is an autonomous navigation module for single cameras. Both prototypes include fusion with IMU, 3D mapping, and contain our proprietary SLAM on board.

The SLAM is limited by camera’s fps and runs at 60-70 fps. For these prototypes, we use Odroid-C2 with 1.5Ghz quad core CPU.

You can try how our tracking and autonomous navigation modules work in Augmented Pixels’ office in Palo Alto anytime. We are also about to finish a demo to show our SLAM working with one of the most interesting Augmented Reality Glasses.

inside-out tracking

The inside-out tracking module

autonomous navigation module

The autonomous navigation module working with iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner

2. 3D Mapping and Future

In February 2017 I published a small article “Why SLAM 3D maps for Augmented Reality and Robotics will be worth more than Google Maps”. It became widely spread and I was also asked to share my vision regarding the future of 3D maps and our work in Augmented Pixels.
Therefore, in May – June I’ll be speaking at these events in the Bay Area:

Vitaliy Goncharuk
CEO of Augmented Pixels