AR Weekly Digest #66

1. SeeSpace InAiR: The World’s 1st Augmented Television


A new venture in television created by a San Francisco-based startup combines web content with television programming in a way that makes information-rich viewing experiences nearly seamless.

SeeSpace is creating InAiR Augmented TV system, a way to simultaneously watch TV and research info via one device and on one screen.

The hardware end of the system consists solely of the InAiR Smart HDMI Adapter, which is an internet-connected device that the user installs between their TV and set-top box. The concept involves augmented technology that analyzes the content that the user is watching on TV, which then superimposes related content from the Internet over the existing picture. For those viewers with a 3D TV, the layers also appear to float in space in between them and their TV screens revealing a more interactive and intuitive TV experience.

InAiR intelligently identifies what you are watching on TV, automatically gathers relevant Internet and social content, and then processes and places these layers of Web information in front of your TV screen in real time, on demand. InAiR can use the vast amount of readily available free content on the Internet to enrich your viewing experience at launch.

At the moment InAir’s Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than $95,000 of its $100,000 goal, with about a month left to go. For an $89 donation, backers can get an early version of the InAir, which is expected to ship in September.


2. Google Glass Meets Prescription Lenses


The current inability to use Glass with prescription lenses has been a widely discussed problem ever since Glass was launched. This week Google announced glasses with prescription lenses for users who are forced to wear glasses anyway.

The company is coming up with four different types of frames that can be perfect for Google Glass hardware as well as accommodate corrective lenses. However, glasses are limited to a stipulated group of people who have accepted the “explorer program” so far. Google Glass currently comes in five colors — charcoal, a lighter shade of gray called “shale,” white, tangerine and bright blue “sky.” The frame attachments are all titanium. It means that you need to purchase one of the dedicated frames that Google is offering: you cannot re-use your existing glasses with prescription lenses. Of course Google doesn’t ship them with prescription lenses.

You just have a pair of clear dummy lenses to fill the frames, and you’ll have to take them to an eyecare provider to correct your vision. The frames sale for $225, that’s on top of the roughly $1500 Google charges for Glass.  Bringing the total cost to some $1700.


3. Forthmedia Launches Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

Visitors coming to the SM Megamall in Philippines are bound to get a unique experience which will make their shopping even more fun. When they visit The Wedding Library at the fifth level of the mall, they will get a chance to interact with a bride and a groom, though not real but “augmented” ones. This has been made possible with the launch of Forthmedia’s groundbreaking interactive augmented reality experience.

Forthmedia is a digital agency that specializes in new digital technologies for websites, mobile applications and interactive augmented reality experiences. It integrated augmented reality technology with skeletal tracking and motion detection to launch an interactive experience without the need for markers, live models or costly studio set-ups.

In this project developed for Weddings & Debuts 2014 Bridal Fair, girls interact with the “groom”, by being offered a kiss, a slice of cake, or even a wedding ring. Depending on how the girl reacts the augmented models then respond accordingly. Men, on the other hand, can experience receiving a kiss from a “bride”. Visitors could also take photos and share them with friends and relatives.


4. Northwest Ontario Uses Augmented Reality to Attract Visitors

Northwest Ontario has recently released an interactive augmented reality enabled postcard that was deployed to strategic outfitters in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The product was created by Augmented Marketing and Gem Webb Tourism Marketing with an aim to engage users and provide them with additional information about the district.

The Northwest Ontario app allows users to watch a video and interact with virtual buttons that are floating right on the card. These buttons will take users to various spots on the Northwest Ontario website which was also mobile optimized for this project. The app also have a fishing game and a possibility to take a picture of yourself with a virtual fish.

Augmented Marketing was developing the app itself, while Gem Webb tourism delivered the end product to all locations to educate owners and staff on the workings of the app. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

5. Vuzix Partners with Wikitude

Vuzix® Corporation, a leading manufacturer of Smart Glasses products announced a strategic partnership, development, sales and marketing alliance with Wikitude™ GmbH, an Austrian Augmented Reality software technology provider.

The Vuzix now will give more than 35,000 registered worldwide developers the ability to create augmented reality apps for its smart glasses. The partnership also means that Wikitude will resell and bundle its software with Vuzix’s newly released M100 smart glasses to their customers.

AR Software Development Kit from Wikitude provides every component necessary to create deep and engaging Augmented Reality experiences and apps, that will be implemented in smart glasses.

“Vuzix is very excited to be partnered with Wikitude and we look forward to a long and successful alliance between our companies as we combine forces to make AR a household name among businesses and consumers alike,” said Paul Travers, Vuzix CEO, in a statement.


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