AR Weekly Digest #65

 1. Aberdeen Bus Company Launches Augmented Reality Experience for Passengers

bus_2803184bTo attract more people to take the bus, the public transit system in Aberdeen, Scotland placed augmented reality technology at the backs of the First Aberdeen bus seats and allows passengers to view interactive content when they scan the trigger with their smart devices. A choice of content available in the app includes interviews with staff, information about bus services, movie trailers. Passengers can also surf the internet as the bus is equipped with WiFi.

To access these services passengers should follow instructions to download the free First Scotland augmented reality app from App Store or Google Play and then scan the trigger..

Duncan Cameron, First Aberdeen Director and General Manager, said: “Our new augmented reality channel brings our seat backs to life and I hope makes bus travel that little bit more interesting and enjoyable. We believe we are the first transport company in the world to use this kind of technology on the backs of our seats and its helping us attract new customers on to our buses.”


2. DLD Conference Presents interactive Museum Tour in Munich


To continue the topic of augmented reality solutions for museums that we started in AR Digest #58 Design Life Design (DLD) Conference and Metaio launched an interactive and guided tour around the National Museum of Bavaria in Munich. For three days visitors and journalists had a chance to see live how Augmented Reality can build a bridge between historical pieces of art and the digital age.

Five exhibition pieces from different periods and artistic styles were augmented with different virtual content, starting from displaying the original context for the piece and ending up with highlighting important details. DLD visitors were able to experience Augmented Reality with mobile devices and even a pair of Google Glasses as it is said in press release.

DLD  Conference hosted over 150 speakers and 1000 attendees. It brings together the most influential opinion-makers, industry leaders, start-ups and digital giants to celebrate its anniversary edition in Munich.


3. Nuviz Brings Augmented Reality to Ordinary Helmets with Ride:HUD


San Diego based company Nuviz has went one step ahead by introducing world’s first independent device that will give ordinary helmets a Head-Up Display. This brand new device is called Ride:HUD and its see through Heads Up Display technology has been especially designed for motorcyclists. The Nuviz Ride: HUD actually enables the riders to view information like navigation, weather and telemetry in the low right corner of their helmets’ field of vision, where it displays transparent images through Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) Micro display.

The device will provide a wide variety of information from telemetry, weather, ride data, music and navigation information. It also will be capable of taking photos and video. It’s operated by a Bluetooth-connected controller that can be mounted on the bike. The Ride:HUD device can also be synced with the Ride:CLOUD smartphone app for additional functionality and information. According to Nuviz, the battery timing of Ride: HUD is from three to four hours after which user can recharge the device just like a Smartphone.

The Ride:HUD is not the only augmented reality helmet aimed at motorcycle riders; others are under development by Reevu, Skully and LiveMap, but this one differ as it is going to be a HUD display for existing helmets, not a brand new helmet with augmented reality view.

The company has recently closed their Kickstarter campaign reaching even $200,017 over $185,000 pledged goal.


4. Paysafecard Announces an Augmented Reality Update for its App


Paysafecard group, the leading prepaid payment provider, has released an update of its paysafecard app. The redesigned app offers additional features which enables users to locate points of sale and control their spending in a “faster and easier” fashion.

The augmented reality feature 360° paysafecard allows sales outlets in the immediate area to be viewed in a new 360° mode. It also adds an element of fun with its interactive search function.

In addition to the augmented reality function the app offers many other innovative features such as the practical charging function via QR code and mobile access to the online account my paysafecard. The app also keeps users up to date with free updates on the latest news, promotions, campaigns and much more.

The app is available for free for iPhones and Android devices.


5. Meeting for Industrial Augmented Reality Professionals

DAQRI is holding the first annual industial augmented reality working group meeting this year. It is going to be held on the 19th of February in Los Angeles. It is going to be a part of a two-day 4D Expo event held on February 20-21. The company is aiming to provide a forum for the exchange of industry views, knowledge, training, and best practices related to industrial applications of augmented reality software and hardware. The event should gather representatives from every industrial sector, academia, economic development authorities, and all levels of government to share lessons learned and provide training units to increase general expertise on industrial augmented reality.

 The main industrial fields where augmented reality technology is planned include manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, aerospace, automation and robotics.

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