Augmented Reality Real Estate Case – Modus Matrix

: JaymanBuilt is a renown Canadian homebuilding company with 35 years of history behind them and more than 23,000 houses built throughout these years. It’s philosophy is that every home buyer deserves a unique and well-built home for a reasonable budget. Part of company’s strategy is to look towards the future and being the change they wish to be in the industry, by adopting the latest technologies in energy conservation as well as in marketing.

Jayman Modus is a division of Jayman, focusing solely on building multifamily townhomes and condominiums by applying its new standard of homebuilding.

Marketing Challenge: How to generate buzz around Avira in Evansridge community that is currently in the development stage and present it the best light to potential customers. A leading creative and integrated marketing agency Harcus Communications took over to solve this issue.

Solution: Modus Matrix app (created by Harkus and Augmented Pixels)

Harcus Communication conceptualize an Augmented Reality application and together with Augmented Pixels brings to life Modus Matrix. With Modus Matrix the full site of the Avira Townhomes in Evansridge can be seen in augmented reality view. The application allows potential customers to reveal fully furnished floor plans, interior/exterior specifications and 360-degree views of the kitchens and living rooms of home style and immerse themselves into this new community.

Channels used:

  1. Demonstration of Avira community in the company office

How are you going to make one community more distinct from others when customers are looking for the one to live in? In the sales office company realtors can demonstrate potential buyers how 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes will look like. Customers get the chance to explore different floor plans, 3D rendered interior colour palettes and also get immediate pricing and model availability.


Customer is using Modus Matrix to look at Avira community

  1. Ads in magazines

In addition to showing the housing community in sales office on a special marker that needs to be printed Jayman Modus launched ads in local magazines, e.g. The Calgary Sun Magazine which also work as markers to preview Avira. This way all readers of newspapers has an immediate access to look and feel of Avira community.

This way Modus Matrix app offers potental customers the unique ability to visually explore Avira Townhomes in Evansridge  in the comfort of their homes and contact Jayman only to arrange the purchase.

augmented reality real estate

The Calgary Sun Magazine turns into a marker for Modus Matrix app

  1. Demonstration of Avira community on site

It can be hard to visualize what a field of dirt will look like when transformed into a finished community of townhomes. For the first time geo-location was used to allow users to walk onto the site and see the community and its buildings full-scale together with landscaping. A customer can always drive to the spot using the GPS in the app or while being accompanied by an Area Sales Manager.

Geolocation View of the Community on Site

Geolocation View of the Community on Site


As a result with the help of Harkus and Augmented Pixels Jayman Modus provided better support for today’s tech-savvy prospective buyers who like to make weighted decisions and come to sales office with a good idea of their ideal home. Campaign is currently running but has already contributed to 70% townhomes of phase 1 sold and 50% of phase 2.

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