AR Weekly Digest #69

1. Children Book Gets Augmented Reality

There is a sad tendency that modern children read less than previous generations. They are very involved in gadgets instead. Is there a way to return them interest to books? A team of just two developers has created  iBO Live’s augmented reality interactive book hoping to achieve this goal.

The French Connection, the second book in the Jack Hunter series of adventure stories aimed at 8-13 year olds, incorporates augmented reality technology and offers young readers and gamers with a smartphone or tablet to actively participate in missions and hunt for treasure. Users scan the book’s cover and images within the pages and use their device to jump into the pictures to create their own adventure, following Jack, who travels back in time to 1392 AD. The app also features a castle builder where participants can make their own battlements using blue prints they find in the game.

“Applying augmented reality to books allows the author to bring things to life and literally lift the story off the pages for the reader. The phrase ‘getting into a good book’ has never had more meaning,” tells Steve Marshall, lead developer at iBO Live. “Our high-end development methods build augmented reality experiences that quite literally change simple text or pictures into interactive 3D windows. This is one book you definitely can’t judge by its cover.”


2. The Hi-Tech Fujitsu Glove for Working with Complex Machines

Fujitsu-Glove_610x360Fujitsu has demonstrated a prototype of its Intelligent Glove augmented reality system at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device has a near-field communications (NFC) reader and gyroscopic sensors for gesture-based interactions with a person’s environment.

The idea behind the Fujitsu glove is that it should appeal to gadget users who can’t operate phones or tablets when working because they wear gloves. A person will be able to tap an object with the NFC reader, then perform a gesture that triggers an action like playing recorded information about the object through the person’s headphones. The prototype glove can detect with 98 percent accuracy when a person’s hand has moved up, down, left, and right, or has rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

The glove is expected to be launched next year and will pass information to a head mounted display unit which is linked by Bluetooth. The user can touch an object and then see the details of it on this display.

spokesperson for Fujitsu said: “Users can receive work instructions and other information, just by taking the natural action of touching an object.Task results can also be input using gestures so that operations can be carried out smoothly.”

Would you like to wear a glove like this at work?


3. Augmented Reality App Helping People to Find Free WiFi Spots in Japan

image-2_500-100246874-mediumNTT, one of Japan’s top mobile carriers, and navigation service provider Navitime Japan have put out an augmented reality app that makes free WiFi in Japan easier to spot. The app is called “Navitime for Japan Travel” and is now available as a free app for iOS and Android devices. The app provides users with navigation solutions in English, including directions to popular tourist spots and routes for public transit systems. It also displays locations of popular facilities such as restaurants and tourist attractions.

The app provides information on over 50,000 free Wi-Fi spots provided by NTT FREE Wi-Fi, Buffalo and Starbucks.

The new Wi-Fi search feature lets users find the nearest Wi-Fi location even in offline mode. The app overlays information like the distance and directions to the nearest free Wi-Fi destination and when close enough to the destination, it can help users distinguish the right building with free Wi-Fi.


4. Zappar Launches Revolutionary Augmented Reality Direct Mail Campaign

Sir-Chris-Hoy-Zappar-Sport-Relief-300x169Sport Relief’s direct mail campaign will be brought to life with the help of AR platform Zappar. There will be nearly 1 mln mails sent around the UK in order to bring attention to Sport Relief weekend that runs from 21-23 March with events taking place nationwide.

The first part of the campaign aims to encourage recipients to round up their friends and family to run, swim or cycle at the first ever Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games. Zapping the direct mail makes Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy appear on his bicycle, delivering a stirring pep-talk to get people going. Though it may sound like Hoy, the voice over was actually recorded by impressionist and comedian Jon Culshaw. Users of the app can also pose for pictures invarious Sport Relief-themed headgear, medals and flags as modelled by Sport Relief ambassadors Jessica Ennis-Hill, Johnnie Peacock, Ellie Simmons, Rebecca Adlington and Victoria Pendleton. The follow-up door drop will also be Zappar powered, this time focusing on the fundraising message.

“The use of Zappar for this campaign is sure to give the door drops a real edge. There’s really fun content thanks to the brilliant celebrities and most importantly it’s a direct call to action,” said Liz Curry, CRM manager at Comic Relief.


5. Augmented Reality Fitness App for Google Glass with Zombies

One of the latest fitness apps to come to Google Glass is called Race Yourself, and it has gained a lot of people’s interest. The app uses augmented reality to give you something to compete with in the real world. The app currently has over 30 game modes that will have you racing against almost anything including yourself, a giant boulder, and even zombies.

The app will also support multiple activities, so you can cycle against the Peloton in the Tour de France or skydive through virtual rings in the sky. If you’re struggling to keep up with your fitness regime this could be a fun, effective way of staying motivated and beating your records.


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